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What Does My Eye Prescription Mean?


You go to your optometrist or ophthalmologist and they test your eyesight. Unless you have perfect vision, they hand you a slip of paper (or send an electronic file) that has all these numbers and words that probably mean nothing to you. But they’re your eyes, and you want to know what your prescription means.   I’m going to break down each aspect of your eye prescription, so you can fully understand what’s going on with your sight.   OD, OS, and OU   One of the first things you’ll probably notice are the rows starting with either OD or OS (and sometimes OU). These codes are much simpler than you might realize.   OD stands for oculus dexter, which means your right eye OS stands for oculus sinster, which [...]

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Why Primary Eye Care Is So Important


We’re sure you already know what primary health care is – it is that basic level of care from a family doctor that encompasses a broad range of potential issues. Primary eye care follows that same idea. It’s the basic, general, and regular health care for your entire eye.   This isn’t just about checking for 20/20 vision or getting a new prescription. Primary eye care runs all sorts of tests like pupil dilation, computerized tests, and that infamous air puff test.   Remember: this is about your whole eye health – and as you will soon see, the health of your entire body.   Here are 4 reasons why primary eye care is so important:   See Clearly   Let’s start with the obvious answer first. Regularly visiting your [...]

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What You Need To Know About The HEDIS Health Care Rating


What You Need To Know About The HEDIS Health Care Rating · Every American needs health insurance – but other than cost, how do they know which one to choose? · Doctors work alongside health plans – but how do they know more about these companies they are working with? · And health plans may be experts in their own care and services – but how do they know whether they are better or worse than the next health plan? The answer to all of these questions is HEDIS, or the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set. Here’s everything you need to know about this health care rating system. What Is HEDIS? HEDIS is a rating system that uses many different specific measures or standards to compare the performance and [...]

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These Common Medications May Give You Vision Problems


In the world of health and medicine, we recognize that medications often come with a trade-off. You fix one problem, but experience X, Y, or Z side effects. So we weigh the pros and cons, together with our doctors, and make the best choice we can.   The biggest issue normally arises when we do not realize what potential side effects can come from our prescription or over-the-counter medications. That lack of knowledge can leave us with annoying consequences at best and life-threating consequences at worst.   Somewhere in the middle of those two extremes lands our eyesight. Many different medications can affect the eyes.   Some just make them dry or irritated Others can cause blurriness, double vision, or visual disturbances (like floaters) And others get more serious – [...]

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United Eye Care Partners with iCare Health


United Eye Care Providers to Partner with Professional Eye Care Resource Co-Operative and iCare Health Solutions CHICAGO—United Eye Care Providers (UECP) said it has agreed to enter into a partnership with Professional Eyecare Resource Co-operative (PERC) and iCare Health Solutions (iCare) in order to offer their members group purchasing power and the necessary infrastructure to attract additional payers.“Our goal was to create a working relationship with all the major carriers, build a stronger acceptance of optometrists in the medical community and expand that concept to all optometrists in Illinois,” UECP president Rick Peterson, OD said in a statement. “In order to reach that goal, our board recognized that we needed partners with and expertise in aggregating our purchasing power for sustainability and health care to meet the requirements of a [...]

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