Preventing Vision Loss: HEDIS Outreach

Early detection and treatment of diabetic retinopathy can reduce the risk of vision loss by 95%. Despite this fact, over half of those with diabetes do not receive annual eye exams as recommended.  iCare Health Solutions collaborates with health plan partners to develop customized HEDIS outreach programs that provide Diabetic Retinal Exams (DRE) to non-compliant members with diabetes.

HEDIS Diabetic Retinal Outreach: Customized for Your Business & Members

Our HEDIS Diabetic Retinal Outreach Program provides health plans and healthcare providers with integrated solutions for improved management of members with diabetes. Our program engages and screens non-compliant diabetic members throughout various access points of care, enabling providers to perform retinal screening in primary care physical settings.

Compliance Impacts Quality Measures

Annual diabetic retinal teams are a part of:

  • Medicare Advantage Stars quality rating programs

  • Medicare quality rating programs

  • NCQA HEDIS ratings programs

Access Points of Care – Patient Centric

Members want choice. Our HEDIS Diabetic Retinal Outreach Program provides members access to various points of care, increasing compliance with regular diabetic retinal exams or screenings.

Vision Care Providers: dilated, diabetic retinopathy exam.

Teleretinal Screening: non-dilated, diabetic retinal screening using a mobile non-mydriatic fundus camera to capture retinal images, allowing member engagement in primary care physician, residential, and institutional settings.

Our HEDIS & STARS Outreach Services

Offering health plans and healthcare providers integrated solutions for success.

  • Member Awareness & Education

  • Provider Awareness & Education

  • Member Outreach & Appointment Scheduling

  • Diabetic Retinal Exams & Screening

  • Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera Program

  • Teleretinal Image Diagnostic Center

  • Patient Diagnosis Reporting & Referrals

  • Claims Submission

  • Performance & Outcomes Reporting