“I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for iCare Health Solutions and their working relationship with Aetna/Coventry. iCare Health Solutions is an integral part of our Network Strategy for providing excellent care to our Coventry membership here in Florida. iCare Health Solutions consistently demonstrates quality vision services through their managed care program which directly impacts the satisfaction for our Coventry plan members as well as our internal associates. The employees at iCare excel at addressing matters quickly, efficiently, and thoughtfully. iCare’s innovative HEDIS management capabilities have played a leading role in improving diabetic vision outcomes for our members. I firmly believe that iCare will be a benefit to your company, as they have been to ours.”

Director of Network Management, Aetna

“I am writing this letter to express my support for Dr. Stern and iCare Health Solutions. Humana has successfully partnered with Dr. Stern’s organization in Florida for more than 30 years. I believe iCare Health Solutions is an industry leader and possesses the insight and technical innovation to influence any health plan’s ability to improve vision related outcomes through their integrated HEDIS programs. I highly recommend iCare Health Solutions to any health organization.”

Vice-President of Provider Partnerships, Humana